This 2.5 metre wide potole is located at the intersection of Avenida 8 and Calle 13A

(qCOSTARICA) There are potholes and then there are potholes like the one at intersection of Avenida 8 and Calle 13A in downtown San Jose.

tHIs hole is 2.5 metres (7 foott) wide testing the suspension system of vehicles and skill of drivers who try to avoid it.

At night, in the darkness, many driver miss the hole and fall prey.

The director of the Provisión de Servicios de la Municipalidad de San José, Marco Vinicio Corrales, told that they have to receive any complaints by residents, however, will proceed to take action to fix the problem.

But, it may take some time, said the city official, given that there is a process to follow. Corrales confirmed forwarding the request to the municipality’s road maintenance division to inspect the hole; workers will have to determine the extent of the damage to the asphalt and if there is damage to the sewer system; followed up the actual repair, which could be this week.

To warn drivers someone was kind enough to place a garbage bag sticking out of the hole. See the video prepared by on YouTube: San José de noche presenta: “El megahueco”!


You would think that one of the first things the municipality would do is to get out some yellow tape and cordon off the area around the pothole. Or is that too logical?

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