Uber training seminar in la Sabana on Saturday. Photo Marcela Bertozzi, La Nacion

Uber training seminar in la Sabana on Saturday. Photo Marcela Bertozzi, La Nacion

QCOSTARICA – For those still skeptical at Uber’s arrival in Costa Rica, in a Sabana hotel on Saturday, the California-based company held its first driver training seminar.

During the seminar, held at the  Hotel Auténtico in Sabana Este, 14 potential drivers who had registered on the Uber website this week, received training on about the handling of the Uber app, customer service, rates, what to do in the case of an accident and the insurance coverage they must carry to be part of Uber.

Max Cortes, Uber’s launch manager in Costa Rica, assured drivers the operation will not begin until “legal instruments” are obtained for drivers to operate without fear of getting traffic tickets.

However, Cortes did not provide details of the company’s progress in negotiations with the Ministry of Transport.

“There will not be a start of operations until everything is legal,” said Daniel Batalla, a 19 year-old university student attending the seminar, to La Nacion.

“At this time I have several afternoons free and have always like the idea of picking up people at bars and stuff, provide a service people need. I see in my social group saying, ‘let’s not go out because we don’t have a car or taxi is very expensive’ and things like that,” said Batalla.

Sebastian Urbina, the deputy minister of transport, affirmed days ago that all those who provide renumerated transport service should be regulated.

Taxi drivers – both formal (red taxis) and informal (porteadores) – and bus drivers have expressed their opposition to Uber and have announced massive protests if the Uber technology lands in Costa Rica.



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