QCOSTARICA – The street that connects Pozos de Santa Ana and Lindora, known as “La Cartonera”, is getting a complete rebuild at a cost of ¢188 million colones.

The road, that runs along the paper company (cartonera in Spanish) serves a “relief” valve for traffic through the Lindora “radial” from the Ruta 27 to the Virilla bridge to San Rafael de Alajuela and Belen in Heredia.

The Cartonera road connects  also the “radial” to Guachipelin and Escazu, of late becoming a potholed road for some 8,000 vehicles daily.

Financing for the project is from the BID-Cantonal program, a leveraging of credit resources granted by the Inter-American Development bank for particular municipal projects, according to the Deputy Minster of Infrastructure, Giselle Alfaro.

The work that began on Monday includes a new drainage system with inlets and transverse passages for proper channeling of water, sidewalks and a new asphalt layer.

The Ministry of Transport said it does not expect any closures of the road during reconstruction (that would completely choke off Lindora), but drivers can expect delays and “paso regulado” – traffic controls.

No date for completion of the work was announced.

Over the last several years Lindora has become a major commercial centre and posh residences, with new construction continuing, meanwhile the road infrastructure is the same two lane road.

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