Image from Telenoticias video

QCOSTARICA – Crossing the street through a pedestrian zone is not enough, the Traffic police (Policia de Transito) recommends to wait for cars to stop before crossing, to avoid accidents.

A video by Telenoticias show us how, a month ago, a 30 year-old woman in San Francisco de Heredia was fortunate to have survived an impact by a small truck,.

Image from Telenoticias video

Image from Telenoticias video. Click here to see video.

The woman, as we can see in the video, was crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing in the area of Walmart. Within seconds of stepping onto the road, she was hit by the small truck, who did not stop for the red light. The event caught by the municipal camera.

The lawyer for the Nicaraguan woman told Telenoticias that she is recovering at home after spending nearly a month in an induced coma. The case will no go before the courts.

Please, when crossing the street – any street – stop, look all around and make sure oncoming vehicles are stopped or sure that they will stop.


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