Ghosts & the Supernatural – Recently, I was contacted by a trucker named Mindfxck. Well, that is the name he likes to be called. Mindfxck believes a demon is possessing him. A lot of times I get crank calls, but during the interview, Mindfxck gave me a few chills. As a Fortean Investigator, one who investigates all things paranormal, I wanted to know Mindfxck’s story. The interview was conducted via cell phone.
This interview was transcribed via a telephone conversation. The words are to the best of my ability and knowledge on how the interview was conducted.
Paranormal Hotline X-Files Ringtone.
Paul (P): Hello?
Mindfxck (M): You that ghost guy?
P: I am the General Manager of Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International. How can I help you?
M: Well, sounds like to

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