Gilberto Monge, mayor of the Canton de Mora, is taking a hardline to delinquencies in paying for garbage pickup. Residents not paying for the service face a fine from ¢424.000 to ¢4.2 million colones
Residents of the Canton de Mora putting out their trash on the curb, but if delinquent in payment for municipal garbage pick up services, face a fine between ¢424.000 to ¢4.242 million colones.
The measure was taken by the  Mayor of Mora, Gilbero Monge, supported by article 50b of Ley 8839 (Law for Integrated Solid Waste Management), with the aim of residents paying for garbage collection and reduce delinquencies.
“When a citizen puts out their garbage at the curb it is because they are current with their (public waste service) payment and are not

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