Zoilamérica Ortega Murillo, daughter of Rosario Murillo, first lady of Nicaragua and stepdaughter of President Daniel Ortega. Zoilamérica, who in 1998, denounced alleged sexual abuse by her stepfather, decided to live in Costa Rica after the case was “closed”. Photo from La Prensa, Nicaragua

(QCostarica) The news coming of Nicaragua of late continues to impact and wow Zoilamérica Ortega Murillo, daughter of Rosario Murillo, the all-powerful first lady of Nicaragua and wife of Daniel Ortega.

Zoilamérica lives in Costa Rica years after reporting alleged sexual abuse by her stepfather, who would have committed the act since she was 11 years old.

The allegations, made in 1998, were dismissed in her country; in fact, as reported by Nicaragua’s La Prensa, then judge Juan Mendez closed the case on the matter.

Today, Mendez is a judge of the Supreme Court of Nicaragua, thanks to the “recognition” by Ortega and Murillo, who in recent days we learn of their intent to establish a kind of family dynasty, after President Ortega amassing complete powers ahead of the November presidential elections and on Wednesday announcing Murillo as his vice-presidential running mate.

“I was working. It was six o’clock. A text message confirmed Rosario Murillo as a candidate for Vice President of Nicaragua with Daniel Ortega. I felt pain in my consciousness and firmness of historical memory: my mother concealing the crimes of sexual abuse made public in 1998.

“Since then, my history of violence continues with acts of political persecution in revenge for the truth I told and still tell in spite of the legal and social impunity.

“Definitely this duo bid defines a path that starts with complicity to sexual crimes and in its own perverse evolution became a political alliance.

“Many know that today the same abusive power that invaded my past, that which sows authoritarianism and political violence in Nicaragua. And that alliance is now legitimized by an imposition made clear, stepping on the same members of their Party, and this is the beginning of the Dictatorship (sic),” Zoilamérica told La Prensa in an email.

Zoilamérica  added that the candidacy of her mother to the vice-presidency is a sign of weakness and internal violence of the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) party. “It’s an imposed candidacy. There was no other way to give her a place. Within the FSLN she is a feared  person,” Zoilamérica said.


Source: LaPrensa.com.ni; Teletica.com

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