Costa Rica News – OVER THE PAST few days, Turrialba in Costa Rica has had over 20 significant, ash-rich explosions that have ended up closing airports across the country. Turrialba has been restless for a few years now and occasionally the low-level ash emissions are punctuated by bigger blasts. But the activity this week has been some of the most vigorous the volcano has seen since it woke up in 2010.
 / AFP / Ezequiel Becerra (Photo credit should read EZEQUIEL BECERRA/AFP/Getty Images)
The ash plume on September 19-20 from the volcano reached 4 kilometers (~13,000 feet) upwards. The eruption on September 22 may have only produced a 2 kilometer (6,500 foot) plume, but ash emissions were constant for over 4 hours. OVSICORI (the volcano monitoring agency of

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