(QCOSTARICA) Local pizzerias are giving the big U.S. franchises something to worry about. With good pricing and excellent quality, the neighbourhood pizzerias, mostly located in residential areas, are earning customer loyalty.
The small pizzerias compete against the likes of Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Little Ceasar’s.
In a report by La Nacion, two small pizza chains, Oteros Pizza and Monster Pizza go head-to-head with the big names and usually win out on customer loyalty.
Claudio Otero, who at 19 worked for Pizza Hut after 4 years at a small pizzeria, opened his first in 2003 and now has six pizzerias from San Jose to Cartago, with plans to open in Heredia and Santa Ana in 2018.
Otero says his success is due to quality.
Meanwhile, Monster Pizza opened its first

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