Described as the second most tragic, by the number of victims, in the history of Costa Rican aviation, a number of websites have posted that Sunday’s plane crash in Guanacaste that took the lives of 10 American tourists and two Costa Rican pilots, among them Bridgewater Associates executive Bruce Steinberg, may have been a hit.

While investigators in Costa Rica seek the cause of the crash, saying that strong winds or mechanical problems most likely caused a charter aircraft to crash in woods after taking off from the Punta Islita aerodromo (airfield), these websites claim that the Costa Rica crash and the seaplane crash in Sydney, Australia this past week have ties to Hillary Clinton and the ‘Deep State’.

The websites link the death of Bridgewater Associates executive Bruce Steinberg in Costa Rica and Compass Group Plc Chief Executive Officer Richard Cousins in Australia. says, “It looks like James Comey basically worked for Bridgewater before he worked in the FBI under Obama, and Bridgewater’s Associates Executive Bruce Steinberg was killed this week with his whole family in a Costa Rica plane crash. The Clinton’s are actually connected to the death of Compass Group CEO Richard Cousins who also died this week along with four others in a plane crash in Australia. It’s hard to believe we have a Clinton/Comey connection in both these plane crashes…Crazy ass shit folks!” states, “And while maybe not coincidentally, as we learn in much more detail below, after two recent plane crashes that took the lives of two US business executives and their entire families over the last several days, we’re not the least bit surprised to learn that both had ties to Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and the ‘deep state’ as heard in the 3rd video below. Is the ‘Clinton body count’ still growing?”

The headline reads, ” CEO and FAMILY KILLED…Tied To CLINTON FOUNDATION!”

The publication goes on to say, “The shocking number of dead bodies accumulating around the Clintons cannot be considered a “coincidence” any longer, especially now after this most recent victim has just been identified this week under truly tragic circumstances.

“From the outset, it seems like another fatal tragedy, especially since family members are involved – and it is. However, on a closer look at the connection to something huge, with even bigger ramifications for the powerful, it seems that perhaps there was a sinister motive involved. It looks like the ‘Clinton curse’ may have struck again. This particular family reportedly has a direct connection to the United Nations and the Clinton Foundation. Steinberg reportedly worked with the Clinton Foundation in the Clinton Library.”

Finally, a Reddit thread asks, “They have a lot of connections to high ranking government officials. Was this crash a hit? Wow, this is strange. The CEO of one of UK’s biggest companies was killed in a plane crash a few days ago too. Is someone cleaning up?”

Come on, really?

I know nothing other than what I have read online about the Australia crash, but I do know the conditions of Costa Rica’s airfields, though they are called airports and the weather conditions we have been experiencing the last few days. Also, this is the second crash of a Nature Air plane in months. Both resulting in multiple fatalities. Both Americans. Both falling out of the sky shortly after takeoff, in Punta Islita on Sunday and Pavas in September.